Saturday, January 14, 2012

More Bumps [revenge of the shitty HP mouse]

Well it seems my mouse has taken to double clicking every time I use the left button, making opening files and adjusting slight changes in a DAW almost impossible. Got a new one coming in the mail along with a new quieter [hopefully] case fan. I've recently gotten into recording vocals and weird sounds, and in every recording my noisy computer can be heard pretty clearly, haha. Guess I'm just gonna have to turn the closet into a recording area. Wonder if that'll go over well with the miss's?

Thursday, January 12, 2012

Granular Stuffs

I Just recently got this awesome granular vst for Ableton. I've almost just been opening it up everyday and just writing songs based purely off of the stuff that I'm coming up with from the vst. It's a really neat way to design sounds, I suggest taking a look at Granulator for the free vst and a cool video from the designer. Here's some stuff I recorded today while I was having some fun with it.

Lily Noise Noise by DJ 2slo