Saturday, October 15, 2011

Iran-Contra (redux)

All of this gun smuggling business down on the border really reminds me of Iran-Contras in the 80's. I mean it makes a lot of sense to me that the ATF would be supplying drug cartels with automatic weapons. What better way to make profit while also arming the people moving your product. Perhaps I'm just cynical, but this all seems to tie in with the sudden need to begin the raids on medical marijuana dispensaries. I guess they don't like it when tax paying citizens cut into their profits, so lets get it back into the hands of murdering criminals as fast as we can.

Friday, October 14, 2011


I'm proud of my country right now, it's about time that everyone stood together to peacefully protest. It's been a very depressing period for us in our twenties and thirties, but it's becoming exciting again. I remember graduating in 2005, and getting a job straight out of school, then quitting after three days. It was hard labor, and I've always been a big wimp[I would kill for that job now]. The following week I moved to a new town, and got a job as a medical software technician. It was great for awhile, and I learned a lot, but in all honesty I wasn't mature enough to have that much responsibility. About two weeks later I got another job at Circuit City, and up until 2008 I never had trouble finding work. The point of my little tangent is that for the past three years I haven't even had an interview, and I now have a son to raise. America took a nose dive and has only gotten worse from there. It's time for people to stand up for our rights, and demand action.

Bo Diddley's son arrested for protesting in park named after his father @ Occupy Gainsville

Wednesday, October 12, 2011

Getting back into 80's

I'm really liking the sound of 80's synth disco. I've been struggling to find a new style of music for a while now, and I think I've found my spot. There are so many songs, all great, on youtube.

Awesome stuff